Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Great Flood

Miss O: "Mom, is the Great Flood happening right now?
Me: "Do you mean the story of Noah's Ark. 
Well, it's debatable whether any of the...."
Miss O: "No, the one in the North."

So was born our coming unit on climate change.
A simple Ice Experiment to witness what happens to ice when it's warm...and consequently, the animals who live on the ice.

Ice play is easy, as long as you remember to prep the night before.
There were loads of 'side 'speriments' in action...

Can we balance the blocks?
What will happen if they drop on the concrete? Or the grass?
Why does ice dissolve so quickly in water?

Climate Change is the real deal, but a bit on the heavy side, in terms of talking with toddlers.
We don't ignore the topic though.

I'm the mean mom who sends my kids on a guilt trip every time they express a desire to purchase something.
God forbid their request was made from plastic. The lecture is much longer then.
Even excessively packaged food items get my panties in a bunch.
Gift-giving is a constant struggle with well-meaning relatives.
We're aiming to live a minimal lifestyle for purposeful reasons.
Practical reasons too.
Creative reasons, even.
Ultimately we shouldn't feel guilty for trying to instill conscientious consumerism.
Is it considered deprivation when we're supporting a clean planet and future on Earth?
I'm not being cheap by refusing to fall into the buyers traps, but rather intentional.

Enter climate change discussions.
Be warned these are Fully Loaded Lessons involving politics, business, geography, ethics and most importantly biology and nature.

(listening to music on youtube when an ad pops in)
Miss C: "Go away advertisement! 
We don't need what you're telling us to buy!"

What a fabulous book, full of interesting information and fascinating pictures...from SPACE!

We never pass up an opportunity to peruse a DK published book. They are always chocked full of easy-to-read bits and corresponding pictures.

Bill Nye Solar Segment.  
Supply and demand
Advertising traps & gender stereo-typing (I'm not paying you for a product in which I wear your pitch)
Fair-trade & multi-million corporations
Quality vs. quantity
Less is more and embracing minimalism 
Sustainable development & Lifestyle choices

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