Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Art Gallery & Kid Teacher

Miss O and Miss C were busy turning the house into a 'surprise'.
When they were finished, we were invited to tour the Art Gallery.
Several post cards and original drawings were taped to walls and furniture with a "Do(t) Not Tah (Touch)" signs below.

After wandering around the gallery, we were asked to sign up for Art Class.
When we arrived in class, the teacher had papers laid out with our names written at the top.
We were instructed to draw whatever came to our minds, before passing our paper along and adding to our neighbours drawing.

Mr. M wanted to be involved in class too, so he was provided with a clipboard and chalk.

As a homeschooling mom, I attempt a balance between organizing open-ended projects and giving complete control to the kids, about how their day runs. There isn't a day that goes by, that I'm not in awe of how drawn kids are to natural, interest-led learning, simply due to their massive stores of curiosity. I often question if school quells those stores, that are so abundant in the early years, by the need to micromanage a classroom of minds. 
Miss O and C are 'allotted' many moments of free time, in which they can organize whatever they fancy. They spend hours creating daycares and orphanages, managing vegetable nurseries, concocting chalk paint for potential sale, developing math books, curating art galleries and creating complex story lines. 
In a day, they have owned and operated several businesses, discovered recipes for new foods, published works of art and literature; accomplishments that would put any seemingly "productive" adult in their place. 
Childs play is underestimated, for within their play is a strong desire to work and be included in life.
Not surprisingly, the result of such play is learning.
Learning on various levels, valuable information.
All. the. time.
Carol Black. I discovered the works of Ms. Black through one of the bloggers I follow. Currently, she has a documentary available on her site well worth watching. 
She also has two grown daughters who have never undergone standardized tests. Just saying. 
If you like cheekiness, and you doubt the validity of 'unschooling', she also has a fantastic fill-in-the-blank. 

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