Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sci Fri: Ant Observation

We could have put together an Ant Farm as planned, but this impromptu version worked just as well.
Not to mention, the addition of eggs.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Word Wednesday: Ant Art

Tape resist for Word Wednesday.

If I were as small as a little black ant
I would do things that big people can't.
I would sit on a leaf, take a bath in a rose
I would ride on a bee and tickle it's nose.
I'd walk under a duck, lead a big ant parade
Sleep in a web that a spider had made
If you were as small as a little black ant
What would you do that big people can't?

Word Wednesday: Letter Leaf Scavenger Hunt

Honey A.

What is it?!



It's a Puffball!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Daily Doodle: Eclipse

Science Monday: Solar Eclipse

Everyone was disappointed that I didn't plan ahead and buy Solar Eclipse Glasses for the $49 they were going for. Instead, we put together this quick project, which worked out amazingly well.

First we checked out what the image would look like, long before the eclipse.
A perfect circle/sun.

What happened to the birds?

I ran into the house to grab my camera before the eclipse occured. When I came out, there was complete silence in nature, except for the crickets!

The best view from Ontario occured at 2:32pm.
Our perfect circle turned into a sliver of light!!