Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Vegan Bites: Golden Soup in Summertime

Soup & Sandwich
Salad in Soup

Soup is a staple around here. 
Even in the summertime. 
The brilliant Jessica Prescott has a gorgeous book and website that will make you drool!
We're testing as many recipes as we can muster during a three week library loan.

Golden Soup with Chickpea Croutons
~1-3 cloves garlic
~1" fresh ginger, grate
~1" fresh tumeric, grate
~1t coriander, salt
~1 bay leaf
~1/4t cayenne
Saute garlic and spices in coconut oil.
Cube and add...
~1 sweet potato
~3 carrots
~1c squash
Bring to a boil in...
~1litre broth
Puree and serve with crusty, spiced chickpea's.

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