Thursday, July 27, 2017

Math Monday: Pyramid Puzzle

Kicking off Vegan Week with a Pyramid Puzzle done two ways.
For Miss C, I cut a triangle shape and presented her with four, coloured parts.
For Miss O, I offered the same four, coloured sections, but no other hint.
Separate and solve.

Miss C loved this mini challenge and was visibly pleased with her own progress.

Miss O attempted some very creative routes before asking for a hint.
"It's order is largest to smallest at the top."

The traditional food pyramid does not apply to vegans, so we used the sections of our puzzle to talk about a simplified vegan version: fats (brain food), proteins, carbs and vegetables/fruit.

We talked numbers with a video documenting the environmental impacts of vegetarianism.
We also watched some funny video's about people going vegan for 21 days.
"I've been  one for six years!" 
Miss O exclaimed:)

Shape Art.

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