Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sci Fri: Tornado in a Jar


When I looked up the recipe for creating a Tornado in a Jar, there were two distinct versions.

We opted for the first, based on available materials.

Taking a good picture was proving difficult, but every member of the house has been shaking things up all day long. 
Ms. O suggested we add "debris", so we opted for peppercorns (which sink and swirl around the base) and cilantro leaves (which effectively demonstrate the motion of wind, or in this case, water).

High winds. Last year we made simple wind scales to measure wind speed.
Weather Lab. An impressive snippet from a brave camera-person.
Weather Video's. Simple with quality information

Vegan Bites: Cotton Candy 'Nice' Cream

In the world of "Nice Cream", bananas usually serve as the base.
But this Cotton Candy dessert has a creamy coconut milk and no 'nana's in sight!
And a surprising hint of cotton candy flavour!

Cotton Candy 'Nice Cream'
~4 cups watermelon
~1 cup coconut milk
~1 dragonfruit
~maple syrup to taste.
Blend. Freeze. Blend. Eat.

Math Monday: Spiral Skewers

Sticking with spirals, we combined shapes and food!
Great way to spice up your apple-eating.

Family friends gave us this very popular apple peeler/corer/slicer.
When we bring it out, it gets hours of love and attention!

Math Monday: Tornado Shapes & EF Scale

We moved from snail spirals to cyclones this week.
Whenever we can combine math and art, I'm in and it's usually not difficult to do.

We talked about tornado shapes and looked at three we have samples of in our Geometric Solids:
1) cone
2) cylinder
3) half sphere (in tornado terminology, "bowl")

We then drew the three samples (and someone added Dorothy to one of her twisters!)

One of the books we looked at outlined the Enhanced Fujita Scale, so we could examine how tornado's are rated according to their speed.

We also looked at safety measures, which were outlined in most of the books we read this week.

A condensed version of the original story.

A four hour+ reading of the 1900 original novel by L Frank Baum, in which Ms.O nearly completed in one sitting.
When we read the shorter version later in the week, she was adding the details which were missing!

I've heard multiple homeschool families rave about the Magic Treehouse Series.
Now I understand why.
Main characters, Jack and Annie visit the time-traveling tree house to experience historical events.
It touches on various, age-appropriate details of some very dark times.

We love and own the original Otis story, in which  an animated old tractor proves his worth on the farm by saving a new calf. 'Otis and the Tornado', has him helping animals again.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Wander Wednesday: Invitation to Draw, Snail Studies


Our snail studies are admittedly being cut short by, lack of specimen.
A few weeks ago, we came across a lot in the city being clear cut for building. Snails by the hundreds showed up for Spring. There was intense interest, so I started ordering library books and projecting possible activities.
As we were gearing up, snails were disappearing.
Not interested in being the specimen for our science projects!

So we're winding down this week with a simple 'invitation to draw' and posting our project idea's below for future.

 Spiral Shell

The Big Question was 'are snails and slugs the same?'
Snail Terrarium. 
Habitat & anatomy. 
Snail Races. 
Snail Painting.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Clay Play: Snails

Definitely an absorption activity.
First we collected natural objects to adorn the sculptures, before getting down to creating.

Snail Puppet & Fingerplay

Take it easy
Take it slow.
The more you listen
The more you know.

Though he has no hands
Only a tail
Do not pity the lowly snail
Though he has no pencil or pen
He leaves a message wherever he’s been!

Math Monday: Tangram Puzzle

Saturday, May 6, 2017