Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sci Fri: Plant-dyed & Stenciled Eggs


If you're one who marvels at colours under the sun, pick up a purple cabbage on your next veggie run.
This natural dye was extraordinary.

First, I prepped the dye.
I even saved the boiled cabbage for Fennel Sauerkraut
Then, we went outside to look for delicate bits of nature: leaf skeleton, cedar fronds, boxwood bits...
We used nylons to make an egg bag and arranged our Nature Print inside.

Next we took a look at the Purple dye and made some predictions.

"What colour will the eggs turn?"
"What will happen if we leave some eggs in the dye longer than others?"

Remarkably, the eggs turned a brilliant blue!

All of Diaana Astons books are on our Wish List. 
Densely packed with outstanding illustrations of nature and brimming with bite-sized facts.
'An Egg is Quiet' has an inside cover of egg varieties and a back cover of corresponding birds, insects and reptiles.

Blue with Golden Deets. These are sweet and a great expansion art project.

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