Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Magic Muddy Mousse

We cheated a bit for Math Monday with mousse.
It turned out to be more of a lesson in science, language and magic, but the end result was what we were really waiting for.

It's a real thing apparently.
We boil our own dried chickpea's and I saved the aquafaba for the next morning. It was already gel-like.

After a few minutes in the food processor, the viscous liquid made a beautiful 'marshmellow' fluff. 
It absolutely does not taste like marshmellow (it tastes like chickpea liquid!)
The wee wanted a taste test.

We then had to add a few tablespoons of maple syrup and kept whizzing.
At that point, any of us would have finished it off.

Instead, we placed our vegan Easter chocolate in a double boiler and made Chocolate Mousse!

Teeny Tiny Teacup


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