Thursday, April 13, 2017


Oooh I love kids art.
Not just my kids, all kids.
It's raw and uninhibited and honest...much like kids themselves.
If only we always retained the ability to be so wholly original.

Ms.C has been aching to sew.
Anything at all.
Her sister has been working for hours at the machine and she can't help but walk by and touch it, turn knobs, lift peddles, get her hands in there despite opposition.

Last week she sketched the sweetest doodle of A Cat.
I suggested we turn it into a puppet.
There are plenty of cute idea's for expanding kids art (pillows. shirts, dolls, wooden blocks). 

She was more than interested.
We traced and lengthened the original work, cut beige felt and cotton lining and she hammered away at the machine while I tried to keep my fingers from becoming attached to her piece.
Then she re-drew eyes and lashes before choosing pink embroidery thread to stitch features.

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