Friday, March 3, 2017

Vegan Bites: Veggie Tian

If you happen to be envious of French style and country, steer clear of the amazing Mimi Thorrison of Manger
A few weeks ago I was perusing her book of mainly non-vegan fare and drooling mostly at her sense of style and beautiful surroundings, including her five children.

The photography is stunning.
Her photographer? Her life partner.
Her book, 'A Kitchen in France' first introduced me to Vegatable Tian, which is apparently a thing.
And it's easy.
And gorgeous.
And cheap.
And tastes amazing!

I lack a mandolin and made a few blunders.
It would have 'rounded' better with thinner slices.
Also I underestinnated how helpful it is that your veg are approx the same diameter.
I ended up omitting the celery root and turnip because the slices were too large to fit nicely.
They found a place like petals on the outskirts. Still very pretty.

Vegetable Tian
~3 leeks
~coconut oil
Slice and fry leeks in iron skillet.
This serves as a bed for your veggie spiral.
~purple yam
~white yam
~sweet potato
~golden & red beets
~celery root
(basically any round/root veg under the sun. The more colour variety, the better)
~coconut oil, melted
~thyme sprigs
Slice and shape your veg into as many spirals as fit in your skillet
Drizzle with oil, spice & herb
Bake at 350 for 45 mins.

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