Friday, March 17, 2017

Reptiles & Recordings

It's not that I don't care for snakes,
but oh, what do you do
When a 24 foot python says,
"I love you"
~Snake Problem, by Shel Silverstein

In the words of John Holt, children have an "Instinct of workmanship" in which they assign themselves activities that they deem relevant. It's only when those tasks are deemed 'educational' and assigned  by others, that interest and enthusiasm is at risk of being lost. The basis of unschooling and many homeschool philosophies, argue that interest-led learning is the most natural and successful way of acquiring knowledge.

After we returned from Reptile Day, Ms. O set straight to work on her picture journal titled, 'Today'.
She put several pieces of paper together in a book form, started sounding out words, sectioned her work into categories, drew reptiles based on her memory and even added word bubbles for the reptiles sounds!

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