Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sci Fri: Spilt Milk Mucking

Cornstarch + water = Sensory Science!

Homemade Chalk Paint. 
Scientific Silly Putty. 
Fake Snow. 
Clay Ornaments.

Wander Wednesday: Spilt Milk Story Walk

 Ms. C setting up
Love the concept of a Story Walk!

 Ms. O making a discovery

We started by reading, It Looks Like Spilt Milk.
The idea of copying the books pictures and preparing posts for displaying them outdoors, just wasn't going to happen. Instead I delegated the artwork and

Math Monday: Shapes & Scribbles


Math Monday: Place Value Rods & Number Cards

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mandarin Monday: Dumpling Days

Maybe it was in celebration of finally completing our chapter of the month, Dumpling Days, by the lovely Grace Lin or maybe she just felt she was in party prep mode, Ms. O decided we would have a shindig.

If you like dumplings, it's worth making your own skins. These were a gluten free version prepped with rice flour. The dough is silky soft and rolls out so well.

 Stack of skins

Our filling left much to be desired.
We sauteed some grated veggie, but should have followed a recipe. 

We love Grace Lin's picture books, so it was interesting to make the switch to her novels for youth.
If you're interested in taking a trip to Taiwan, this is loaded with culture and folklore, especially in the dumpling department!

Vegan Bites: Furry Pea Soup

A big bag of dried pea's with no particular plan, turned into a heaping pot of pea soup!
(Thanks, Ms. J!)
Omit the ham hock for vegan version!

Furry Pea Portrait

We know the author James Marshall for his sinister story 'Miss Nelson is Missing', but were recently reading his 'George and Martha' series about hippo friends, who happen to be making Pea Soup!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Imagination Viewing

With a massive stack of old pictures, we tried out Imagination Art

Dutch author, Toon Tellegen's work introduced itself to my eyes on amazon while I was book browsing.
Very quirky and irrisitible animals are featured in these funny stories. 'The Day No One was Angry' features a story about an elephant in a fight with his brain!

'If I had a little dream' is another sweet example of imagination, this time in rhyme.

Shade Art

Rainbow Colour Match is a simple and inexpensive activity kept in our Busy Bag collection.
We expanded the lesson by first finding the shade matches before trying our own hand at Shade Painting.

Wander Wednesday: Colours in Nature

Bridging from our rainbow theme to our Spring celebrations, we brought our Colour Deck on Wander Wednesday.
It didn't take long to figure out that Spring is full of brown with wee hints of green.

Vegan Bites: Cinnabunnies for Spring

Happy Spring!
Traditional baked goods might be some hot cross buns, but we opted for 'Cinnabunnies'.
(cinnamon buns with bunny ears)
When I burnt those, we just made Minibuns:)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Reptiles & Recordings

It's not that I don't care for snakes,
but oh, what do you do
When a 24 foot python says,
"I love you"
~Snake Problem, by Shel Silverstein

In the words of John Holt, children have an "Instinct of workmanship" in which they assign themselves activities that they deem relevant. It's only when those tasks are deemed 'educational' and assigned  by others, that interest and enthusiasm is at risk of being lost. The basis of unschooling and many homeschool philosophies, argue that interest-led learning is the most natural and successful way of acquiring knowledge.

After we returned from Reptile Day, Ms. O set straight to work on her picture journal titled, 'Today'.
She put several pieces of paper together in a book form, started sounding out words, sectioned her work into categories, drew reptiles based on her memory and even added word bubbles for the reptiles sounds!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Daily Doodle: Rainbow Creature's & Big Head

Mama: "Kiss Me! I'm Irish!"
Ms.C: "Gimme some gold!"

Have Your Cake: Lessons in Learning

Passion makes a great student.

After reading the delicious words of Dutch author Toon Tellegan, 'Letters to Anyone & Everyone', the planning took place.
They decided they would take orders and make cakes.
Next morning, waking before the sun, they were raring and refusing recipes.
Collecting and collaborating they developed what they hoped would be the best tasting experiment in history.

Mostly, they just wanted it to turn out pink!

A sweet read!
'Elbow deep in blueberries'

I didn't dare walk into the kitchen and disrupt the work.
Well, only once.
There I discovered our three-year old, elbow deep in a bag of frozen blueberries and clearly a heart filled with fleeting freedom!
I turned and walked back out, none the wiser.

When the cake was baked and iced the chef's weighed in.
"Does this taste horrible?"
"We shouldn't make cake anymore."
(long pause)
"We should make lemon meringue pie!!!"

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wooden Weaving Loom

For just under $20 in supplies, I was able to make nesting weaving looms in three sizes based roughly on this design from 'Lauren Likes'


A simple wooden cookie with nails for the top and bottom row, is a quick fix loom.
The benefits include no-slipping warp's (thank-you, nail head's), easily transportable, fine design, stable and economical. However, it was not a simpler solution for early learners.

The brilliant Natalie Miller weaves her daughters artwork!

Video Tutorial for Visual Learners