Sunday, February 26, 2017

Vegan Bites: Pumpkin Seed Falafels

Though I admit these don't photograph like anything extraordinary, they are hands down the best falafels ever!

 Cardamom! Yum!

Ms. C emptied cardomom pods by hand as we reveled in the scent!
Don't add too many extra or the flavour becomes perfume-like!
We only made some minor changes, including doubling the recipe as we went along tasting the progress (which happens to be just as yummy raw as baked!)

Pumpkin Seed Falafel
~1t salt
~1/2c pumpkin seed
~3 1/2T chia
~2 1/2T sesame seed
~1/2T cumin seed
~1t coriander
~1/2t mustard seed
~seeds of 2 cardomom pods
~1/4t red pepper flakes
~3T tahini (when doubling the batch, we did not double tahini)
~3T oil
~3T lemon juice
~1t coconut sugar
~1 clove garlic
~1c cilantro (we omitted cilantro from half of the balls)
~5-7 fresh mint leaves
~1 1/4c cooked chickpea's
Process all of the ingredients before adding chickpea's to processor.
Roll into balls and coat in processed pumpkin seed, sesame seeds and salt.
Bake 350 for 15 minutes (or until lightly golden)
Serve in lettuce leaf or pita with fruit or tomato salsa.

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