Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Vegan Bites: Crunchy Bean Burgers

It may be clear after several burger posts, that I'm on a quest for the best veggie burg.
Restaurant and store-bought tend to be soy-based.
TVP (textured veg protein) is an amazing product for burgers, but my goal is to omit the soy product and hopefully the gluten in binders like breadcrumbs or wheat flours.

Todays attempt is loosely based on this recipe, so loosely however, that the only similar ingredients are garlic, beans and flax!

I am learning that the crunchy seed coating, originally from Fava Quinoa Cakes, is what really blow any burgers out of the ballpark.

Crunchy Bean Burgers
~2t salt
~1/4c chickpea flour
~1T golden flax
~1t chili powder, cumin
~1/2t paprika
~1/8t cayenne
Blend well.
~2c beans (adzuki, black)
~2c cooked rice/quinoa
~2 stalks celery
~1 clove garlic
Process all of the above.
Form patties and coat with seed mix
Bake at 350, 25-30 mins.

A few versions!

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