Thursday, February 16, 2017

Daily Doodle: Forest Scavenger Hunt (& Nest)

  Nature Study
Scavenger hunts come in so many shapes and sizes.
These lovely hand-sketched versions...
A sticker-marked version... 
A scientific version....

I wanted to create a Scavenger Hunt based on natural items that could be found in winter, but have ours kid-created. It was a nice opportunity to study nature, take a close look at conifers and draw!!

We've been reading folklore from the book, 'A Year Full of Stories' and I fell in love with the illustrations.
We started with a story about A Golden Pinecone, before bringing out our lovely little jewelers loupe's to get a close-up of a tray of nature specimen. We included the Forced Branches of "Wussy Pillows" (as Ms.C calls them!)that have made buds and roots in our home!

 "Wussy Pillows"

Ms. O was intent with her observational sketches, but decided to label them so viewers could be certain of her subject matter.
Birch, fern, pussy willow...

...pine needles, cedar...

...nest, pinecone.

Ms.C was focused on Spring and drew a cracking egg surrounded by nest.
I love when they draw nests as it's by far my favourite nature speciman!

"I'm going all around it with nice comfy feathers.
I will protect you, Nest."

Dissection. When observation and sketching is complete, you could offer a period for dissection of the specimen.

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