Monday, January 9, 2017

Tegu Blocks

In all honesty, we stopped buying/accepting toys completely, pretty early in the parenting game.
We sawed and sanded some, sewed some and only purchase the absolute necessities, such as blocks.
Tegu however, bring block building to a new level..

They were high on my short list of toy wants, but very pricey.
When they were advertised for 50% off, I purchased for holiday gift-giving as a family treat.
Little did I know, they are Fair Trade from Tegucigalpa, Honduras!
Old stomping grounds in C America!
Unlike the mountains of toys that are unwrapped and disregarded, Tegu were only one of the two 'big' gifts opened and they have been played with daily since being discovered.
Massively versatile and basically baby-safe, magnets are embedded in the wood at either end of the blocks. Wood and rubber wheels have steel centers, so the can also connect via magnetic pull.

"...or "Fart Wafter" 


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