Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Soap Carving & Storytelling

When you really want to whittle, but would like some skill training, start with soap!!
When I chanced upon this Soap Carving Kit  https://happyhedgehogpost.com/products/soap-carving-kit
I thought we could create our own tools on Tuesday~

I explained that we would be trying to make shapes from soap to practice for whittling. Our most recent Kate DiCamillo read, Tiger Rising, is about a boy who whittles, so everyone was game.
We started by making our own tool; a sharply sanded popsicle stick. Ms.C had the right idea placing the stick on sandpaper to create a point!
There are top tips from Hip Homeschool Moms http://www.hiphomeschoolmoms.com/soap-carving-for-everyone/

Then we set to work while I read 'The Tomten', for inspiration or enjoyment! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/426927239647235520/

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