Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lined Cloth Lunch Bags

Paper Bag Pattern

Our lined lunch bags were born of both necessity and need for a replacement lesson plan (snow is miraculously melting in January!)
We used an existing pattern, that of a paper bag cut into one sheet, to trace onto material.

Ms. C loves to sew, almost as much as she loves being useful and helpful.
She was very focused on this project and worked alongside for an hour straight!

One Vertical Seam
I cut and pinned, but Ms. C was eager to use the coveted machine.
She knows how to turn it on, drop and lift the foot, wind the needle up and down, but above all she loves stepping on the peddle to watch the machine in action.
She is also the Scissor Sister and calls dibs on cutting the thread.
 I pinned the one vertical seam on all the bags (exteriors and lining), which Ms. C then sewed.

When it came time to meet the sides to the bottom of the bags, I pinned and Ms O sewed.
I'm learning that I can chalk the line the needle should follow with straighter results than if they follow the machine guide.

Ms. C turned the exteriors right side out and inserted the lining, right side in.

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