Thursday, January 26, 2017

Chopstick Practice

A tray of straw beads, bamboo bacon tongs and cricket tweezers led to some chopstick pick-up!
The object of the game being how many straws you could lift without using your hands.

Come counting time, the extra challenge of keeping your little brother out of your stash, presented itself!

Straw beads have been used for multiple projects and cost pennies to make.

Once everyone felt confident with the 'beginners chopsticks' we worked on the real deal!
Chopsticks and rice.
Ms. O had the right idea and scooped. She was really quick!
Ms. C had the right idea after a few struggled attempts; find those 'beginner' chopsticks and fill up!

MR.A was the resident vacuum, picking and sucking up any trailing rice within his reach!

Chopsticks, by Amy Rosenthal. One of our favourite books by one of our favourite authors!

Chopsticks, Chapter from 'Ling & Ting Not Exactly the Same' by Grace Lin.

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