Thursday, December 7, 2017

Vegan Bites: Fragrant Coconut Lentil Soup

'Oh She Glows'  has a recipe with too many of my favourite flavours to not give it a go.
Cardamom and coconut milk? Amazing!
Not one to shy away from spice, I doubled the recommended amounts!

Lacking spinach, we opted to use kale and I had my trusty kitchen side-kick to do the chopping!

Daily Doodle: Maya & Jack Frost


The kids set up their own Daily Doodle assignment; draw an outline of a figure in purple.
Colourful creations followed!

Jack Frost

Everybody Wants to Get Sewin'

The whole family has caught the project bug and we're taking turns on the machine.
Some in a sneakier manner than others...

Miss C was bound and determined to create her own skirt and a Birdie Bean Bag with the scraps her sister gifted her!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Daily Doodle-turned-Embroidery Art

Hard at Hand Work

'Busy Hands, Happy Heart' applies in our house to all members.
We all have our favourite mediums to keep our hands occupied, but everyone is willing to try anything.
Sewing, in all it's forms, gets plenty of attention.

I rummaged through the years art folder to find my personal favourites: portraits.
Miss O had recently drawn one of her and her sister.
Miss C drew one of her brother months ago that made me smile! Particularly the little turned up tufts of hair!
They chose their thread and starting working the hoop for the first time.

These are great projects to work on over days and weeks, while being read to, listening to music or keeping the peace!

The value of handwork.
Do schools kill creativity. 
Every Girl. Combine your portrait with a story. 
'Merci Milo'  Sweet Embroidery Portraits.
Three Ways to Promote Creativity. 

Map Monday: Playdough Continents

Bear in the Forest: 19 Months



Paper Cake from her sister

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Vegan Bites: Lentil Soup

Math Monday: Muffin Tin Money

 Miss C learning dollars and cents
Miss O making it add up
Math is never shunned when it involves money or measurements!
Or counting the days and hours until your birthday.

Level One-learning the difference between the dollar and cents signs, learning Canadian coins
Level Two-adding coins to equal set amount

Map Monday: Continent Memory

Seven days until seven years, called for a study of seven continents.

Playdough Map Making.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Dangling by a Thread

"You could tie it to a door and run away!"
said the little sister.

Sci Fri: Wheels & Axles

Completing our first of the Little House series, we set out some supplies to create the basis of a covered wagon. The wheels and axle portion had some guidance, but the rest was creativity in motion!

A simple book with a ton of experiments to try at home.
We noted the Hoop Tents, to inspire our covered wagons.
One of my favourite books! Macauley sketches hundreds of machines from their earliest state to present day and explains the mechanics in plain English!

We were taking this book out of the library so regularly, I ended up just buying the thing!

Resident Mechanic replacing our Wheels

Daily Doodle: Circle Art Prompt

Three circles become a face...with a loose tooth!

Creative Education: Vase & Chairs

'Vase & Chairs'

We have masses of art pieces going on. Assigned aside.
Our solution to collecting all the paper projects is a basket reserved for finished pieces.
When it is teeming, we resolve to tuck through the papers, sorting which can be recycled and which need saving.
Nature Art: pasted into Nature Journals
Favoured pieces: saved to folder for end-of-year Art Poster.

As I was smiling my way through the last sifting process, I came across 'Vase & Chairs'
It's a tiny piece, which makes it ideal for the end-of-year poster, but it's also a very clever understanding of perspective.

Creativity comes in many forms, on a daily, hourly basis around here.
Miss C can now print and uses drawings combined with words to communicate her current state, before dropping off her work in the fridge slot ('Moms Mailbox'), tapping me and running away.

"This is C. I was sad."

By nature and on various occasions, by profession, I'm an artist.
So it would be easy to argue that I encourage and infuse my family with creative challenges, due to my bias towards the Arts.

Word Wednesday: Berry Ink & Feather Pen