Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wreaths & Storytelling

Tracing Circles

There was an old man, who was feeling so sad.
As the Christmas season was through.
All of the light had turned to gray 
and he didn't know what he would do.

To lift his spirits he searched his home
Some twigs and twine he found
He took a little walk outside
and collected some boughs from the ground.

He wove a circle to hang on his door
Not fancy at all to see
He stoked the fire, readied for bed
and poured a cup of tea.

In the dark and snowy nighttime
a polar bear on all fours,
had a terrible itch he couldn't reach on his back
so stood to scratch at the old mans door.

And the silly old bear scratched just so
the wreath landed right round his head.
The old man heard some fumbling about
but was already cozied in bed.

The bear walked through the pine tree's
hoping to set himself free,
instead he collected more boughs
from un-cut Christmas tree's.

Then he proceeded to stumble and 
roll on the forest floor
adding some leaves, moss and berries
and a few adornments more.

That bear decided the time had come
to jump into the frigid sea
he wriggled and dove and he even wept,
but still was not set free.

In all of his frustration with that wreath 
still stuck round his head,
he circled back to the old mans door
and rubbed the empty hook instead.

Wouldn't you know, the wreath came free
the polar bear happy again,
and a glistening gift he left behind 
for a beaming old man friend.
~adapted from Tell Me A Story 'Polar Bear & A Wreath'

Wreath Watercolour
Mini Eucalyptus

After making some freehand and traced circles, we painted some watercolour wreaths, with the inspiration of eucalyptus boughs.  
Then we worked on mini wreath-making, while listening to the story of 'The Polar Bear & The Wreath'. We adapted it into a poem, as it has become an instant favourite!


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