Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sly Fox Ornaments

Silly me.
I was worried that this project was too crafty, not enough artsy.
You know, a cookie cutter formula for a desired product?
Think kindergarteners assembling teacher-cut materials, rather than providing supplies, food for thought and anticipating innovation as the outcome.

As I was cutting the pieces for these sweet felt fox ornaments, I worried that this project was far too cookie cutter; more work for me and less creativity for the wee.

Of course, they proved me wrong.
Ms.C was all over finding the perfect eyes, nose and mouth with buttons.
She decided the crafted "cheeks" would be feet.
For our Danish hearts weaving, she had to practice an over-under pattern.
Today she was working diligently on returning the needle from the side it just appeared and aiming it through button holes.

O turned hers into a pocket, which currently houses handmade money she is laundering!

Storytelling. This story was a great hit, about using beads to represent steps to decision-making. 

Hello, Red Fox. This book is at the top of my Wish List. Very well done. 

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