Friday, November 11, 2016

Sci Fri: Anemometer

Potentially, this mini machine was meant to demonstrate wind speed, but the wind would not co-operate, so we were forced to improvise.

We started with more circle math; fractions.
We divided our cardboard into quarters to find the spot to glue the cups.

Then we hot glued dixie cups into place, leaving one with a green tape indicator for counting rounds.

Ms.C became tired of holding her anemometer to the skies and planted her's in the grass!

Then she tired of waiting for wind, so created her own.
We basically developed a fancy pinwheel!!

I cannot say enough about this book.
In general, we love all DK published books. They are informative, clever and full of quality pictures.
This one did not disappoint. There are over 365 great outdoor activities that are not the usual fare for nature books. Well done. Definitely delving into more next week.

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