Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wander Wednesday: Mini Flower Press


Ms.O brought along her camera for our Wander Wednesday and allowed me to use it, after detailed instructions! While everyone explored, I got to do some low key Fall Photography for Daily Doodle inspiration next week.
Loads of these lovely trunk disks are always calling out to me, so we used them to make Mini Flower Presses, courtesy of this tutorial from Instructables.

We cut out some cardboard and waxed paper circles to make a Press Sandwich, using the formula/pattern,
A= disk
C=waxed paper
Then we secured the pocket press with an elastic band.

Our  Wanderer's Pockets are roughly the same size, so when we return home and offload contents of the pockets, we can then flatten the tiny pieces of nature in our mini press.

Asia Citro's 'A Little Bit of Dirt'. You can never go wrong with this author. She rocks!

The Curious Nature Guide. Lovely little idea's to help with nature observation and journalling.

Richard Louv. From the author of 'Last Child in the Woods', informative and densely packed with solid suggestions of the importance of including nature in family life. Only a few pages in, this title went straight to the Wish List!

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