Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Life's a Circle: Phenology Wheel

"How can we divide a circle into 12 equal pieces?" 

A couple of weeks ago we learned how to make a circle with a pencil and string.  http://mamadrool.blogspot.ca/2016/10/math-monday-cardboard-portraits.html
For Math Monday, we took a look at how to divide a circle into twelve equal sections.
First Attempt
First, each Ms. O & C took turns tracing a circle on the blackboard and estimating where the lines would be drawn, but it was proving tricky to get the right number of sections, not to mention the same size.
Second Suggestion
Next, I suggested they fold a circle, to get equal sections, but every time it was folded, they doubled the previous number of sections (once they reached 8 sections, it jumped to 16 with the next fold.)

We looked up some options on the internet. Many included using a compass and degree's, but one tutorial using grid work, looked promising!

The twelve sections became the months of the year on a Phenology Wheel/Perpetual Calendar.
Phenology is the study of plant and animal cycles as they are influenced by the seasons.
A smaller circle, would represent a tree as it looks during each of the four seasons.
Our focus remained on the three Autumn months and the colours we associate with this season.
We'll finish the remaining seasons as they arrive.

 The Curious Nature Book
We took a look at some beautiful Phenology Wheels, some very complex and detailed with several layers of circles representing pagan holidays, moon cycles, days of the week.

These will be the opening artwork for our Nature Journals...stay tuned...

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