Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Picture A Tree: Plasticine Art

{post made possible with special thanks to Ms. T,
who introduced us to Barbara Reid's Plasticine work!}  

Massive success, in terms of likeability!
Plasticine turned out to be Team 'Art-not-crafts', with so many possibilities in the making, lacking all signs of cookie cutter, assembly line projects. 

STEP ONE. Read Barbara's work. Be amazed!
STEP TWO. Watch her plasticine tutorial
                      Discover there are no short-cuts. It's actually as much work as it seems! She just makes it      look easy!
                      From watching her tutorial, we could break down what steps we needed to take, including tools and techniques.
STEP THREE. Research & sketch.

STEP FOUR. Lay out supplies.
                      We happened to have a slew of beautiful plasticine colours from a former homeschooling family. Since Ms. T suggested we work small for our first project (it really works your hand muscles!), we cut off tiny discs of colours.

STEP FIVE. Work backwards from back to foreground.

STEP SIX. Add details & signature.
                   Tools from around the house (sharp pencil, spoon, roller, toothbrush all help with detail)

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