Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mother Earth and her Leaves

Storytelling is one of our homeschooling essentials.
If we accomplish nothing else in a day, week or year, we will at least have expanded our brains with plenty of stories. If I accomplish nothing else in our homeschooling life, I hope to have, at the very least, grown happy readers.

There are plenty of ways to tell a story and since I'm not an off-the-cuffer (but envy those who are!), we use ready-to-read stories most often. Stories without pictures, as in the case of 'Tell Me a Story', give us the chance to include our imagination. Sometimes we draw while listening, close our eyes and picture events in our minds eye or act out dramatic scenes with props and puppets...

..and willing baby brothers!
(who makes a gorgeous Mother Earth!)

To follow up with the tale of 'Mother Earth and her Leaves', we read 'Tap the Magic Tree', one of my favourites! It starts with bare branches and makes it's way through the seasons with the help of the reader.

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