Monday, October 24, 2016

Math Monday: Cardboard Portraits

When math can be combined with art (and more often than not, that is totally possible) it's a win-win!
We used some cardboard shapes to sneak in little math lessons for Math Monday, courtesy of this inspiration from Artful Parent,

Pencil Strung to Chopstick
First I introduced this tool and declared that it could help us draw a balanced circle.
Basically a big protractor.
We used extra large cardboard to test out the possibility.
I inquired how we could trace a smaller circle? Wrapping the string around the chopstick a few more times.
Big circle= big sister.
Little circle= little sister.

We used remaining cardboard to cut a handful of shapes for features.
Before bringing out the hot glue, we painted each facial feature separately.
Ms. O was not fully satisfied with simple shapes, so she cut out more details, including eyelashes!

How Much Does a Portrait tell us?
Great activity to segue into an Art Study lesson.

Zero. We took a look at the "number" zero with the help of this clever book by  Betsy Franco.

Then did some (easy) old-school math on the blackboard.

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