Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Invitation to Explore: Fall Tray

'Invitations to Explore' are one of the simplest ways to prepare a science lesson.
Our specimen are kid-collected, so all I did was display them on a tray and add two jewelers loupe's for close examination.

 Fall Tray

This miniature mushroom was spotted in a Forest Walk from the weekend.
I fell in love so brought it home to make a sanctuary here.

 Forest Furniture

Ms. C plopped herself on Forest Furniture Daddy chopped and hauled from the bush.

There, she continued threatening to chop down my miniature mushroom.

Since we've been looking at leaf veins, we introduced some stamp pads and paper, so we could further examine various leaves.

Then O went on to create polystyrene prints with a pencil.

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