Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Acorn & Oak

Form Drawing

We've been incorporating a lot of Form Drawing into our storytelling. 
It's a fantastic language tool, exercising early writing practice while introducing symbolism.

“Oh I’ll never be big,” the acorn said
As it gazed on high to the oak tree tall,
“I’m little and round as a miller’s thumb,
I’ll never be big, I’ll always be small.”
The oak tree smiled a knowing smile,
“My trunk is thick, and my roots are deep,
My branches and twigs spread high and wide,
For birds to nest in, and bugs to sleep.
But I was an acorn too on a time,
- ‘Oh I’ll never be big, I’ll never be strong,’-
That’s what I thought many years ago...
 And, dear little acorn, you see I was wrong!”

Paul King

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