Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wander Wednesday: Wild Sorrel

 Mama: "Can you collect wood sorrel today on our wander?"
Ms. O: "Yep. I know exactly where there's lots of it! 
I'll bring a bucket.
I'll divide it into piles; roots and leaves.
Then I will sell it to you.
Pick-up or delivery?"

And so started Wander Wednesday; a budding salesperson selling me what I lacked for a recipe!

Ms. C was interested in the pestle and mortar work and fortunately did not charge for her time!

These citrusy wild edibles were right where Ms. O said they would be, in massive patches. 

Wild Sorrel Pesto
~1c wild sorrel ("lemon hearts")
~1/8c cashews (we used sesame seed)
~1 clove garlic
~1/2t salt
~2T olive oil
Whiz and serve on bread, crackers or pasta.

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