Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wander Wednesday: Wild Onion Soup

We went wandering in search of Mooncakes and came home with handfuls of wild onion/garlic.
O insisted she make soup and then listed the ingredients she required from the fridge!
It felt like Stone Soup time!

The conversations that ensued were quite colourful and noteworthy!

"Don't you have a thing that takes off vegetable skin?"

{Chopping onion} "I don't know why, but I'm crying. 
Maybe it's because I'm losing my teeth and sad I'm gonna be an adult soon!"

"If I cut out his eyes, will the potato be sad!?"

"What happens if the chef cuts off his hand?"
"He'll have to find a new job or learn how to use his feet!"

"Olivia! You got a leaf in there!"
"Yeah. It's there for flavour!"
"This soup will be good cause it's made out of love!"
"This soup got rid of my headache!"
"Haha! I make potions!"

The soup smelled incredible and tasted amazing!

Olivia's Wild Soup
~4 zuchini
~1/2 onion
~2 wild onion
~6 potatoes (some cut into heart shapes!)
~1 carrot
~1/2 tomatoe
~1 clove garlic
~fresh rosemary sprigs
Chop as desired!
Place in pot and just cover with water.
Simmer until veggies tender.
Serve and top with dried seaweed (kelp buds).

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