Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Vegan Bites: Rice Snacks

Rice, sesame seeds, avocado, dill and cucumber; all winners in our house, so the combination was bound to receive accolades.
We've made plenty of Japanese snacks that are similar (onigiri, nori rolls) but the brilliant author of 'Raw' suggests blending the rice mix in a food processor, whereas I often end up increasing the water to rice ratio in hopes of creating more stickiness.

We set up a dinner assembly line: rice mix, avocado & cucumber cubes, sesame seed combo and a water bowl for dipping sticky fingers. Ms. O & Ms. C got to work constructing their own dinner. You could definitely add several combinations of herbs to the rice mix and a variety of surprise centers in place of avocado and cucumber, but these fit the bill for us.

Rice Snacks
~1c cooked rice
~1T Braggs/tamari/soy
~1t salt
~1T dill
~2T black and white sesame seeds.
Whiz in food processor until it forms large ball.
Use a piece of cling wrap (or if you don't buy cling wrap, use a bulk food bag like we did!) to place a few tablespoons of rice mix. Form a small hole for the veggie and roll into a ball. Coat with sesame seeds.

I've been busy with these recipes all weekend.
One of those few cookbooks on my wish list. Fantastic dishes!

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