Thursday, September 29, 2016

Vegan Bites: Maple Jellies

O: "It's made with Mommy's love! (seeing the heart shapes)"
C: (whispers) "It's made with syrup!!"

You can never go wrong with Maple Syrup.

Vegan-friendly jellies requires a sea vegetable called Agar Agar. You can purchase it at your local health food store, or you can pay about 90% less at your local Asian market, where it is often sold in unbreakable sticks, rather than flakes.

These would look sweet and festive, in time for harvest season, as maple leaf shapes.

Maple Jellies
~1 cup (1 stick) agar agar
~2 & 3/4 cups water
~1 cup maple syrup
Soak the agar agar in water for 30 minutes.
Boil to dissolve.
Add syrup and simmer for 10 minutes.
Pour into shallow dish and cool.
Shapes cut easily when jelly form sets.

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