Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Circle Skirt

(Three weeks ago...)
O in bed: "Mom, how do you get to sleep?"
Me: "What are you thinking about?"
O: "How I want to make Charlotte a dress for her birthday.
...and a wand and a crown."

Ms.O loves to create.

I can share this love with her, so I promised her that we would sit down together before Ms.C's birthday to sew a gift. We looked up a few easy patterns (pillowcase dresses, pinafore dresses) and finally decided that the 'Circle Skirt' was not only straightforward, but I had made one for her months ago and had some left over material.
Not to mention, it's shiny gold we could honour Moon Festival in the making of it.

I didn't have a large enough piece to cut the entire circle, so we had to section it into quarters.
I pinned it off and O got to work sewing the sections together.
Jersey knit only needs snipping, no hemming and has great stretchy abilities.

She decided she wanted to add sparkly tulle. We had enough for two layers, full circles (no sectioning.)

While I sewed the sparkly black waistband, Ms.O had disappeared with some brown paper bags and scissors. She returned twenty minutes later with wings, crowns, wands and even slippers!!

She wrapped up the skirt and gave her little sister an Early Bird gift of paper bag accessories!
Too sweet;)

Last year it was The Nose Blowing Blankie!

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