Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sci Fri: Ant Experiments Gone Wrong

 Ant Picnic
Case One: Ant Picnic
We intended to set out food specifically for ants to determine which types of flavours they are attracted to and why.
Result: Local rodent life were first to chance upon the feast. They even peeled the banana!

 Rainbow Ants
Case Two: Rainbow Ants
Lovely experiment first discovered in India when ants stomachs turned white upon drinking  Dr. Mohamed Babu's spilled milk.
We prepared a solution of sugar water and four colour dye's. We even combined it with an experiment done last year, by placing the droplets on a 'moose dollar' to hold them in place.
Then we built a 'bread bridge' for an easier climb up the side of the plate.
We waited and watched as they found the liquid and started inviting their fellow workers!...and eventually...
Result: Dead Ants
In the name of science, our experiment was not a complete fail. We did discover a non-chemical way to kill off these kitchen pests! They weren't drowned, so we're guessing the sugar to water ratio was too high.
Not so vegan-friendly though.
Ms.C's eyes were rather large when she discovered what we had done!

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