Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Math Monday: 'Normous Snakes & Ladders

MR.A and I set up 'Normous Snakes and Ladders game the night before Not-Back-to-School.
As it turns out 'Normous Snakes and Ladders was a 'normous flop!

Ms. O & Ms. C were thoroughly intrigued to wake up to a new painters tape game.
It sort of signaled the start of a new homeschool year.
We've all enjoyed a relaxed summer holiday. Myself included.)
They immediately guessed the designs were 'ladders' and 'snakes'.
That surprised me!
I thought I would stump them, but I learn each day that I actually know less than the day before!
Intrigue quickly simmered and they were off playing an Imagination game; something about a double-decker bus with sleeping quarters;)

Where'd you all go!?

I consciously threw in the towel, knowing better than to push and remembering that our intentions by keeping them home is to protect their right to play and learn in ways they know best.

Childism. Perspectives. Something that we'll be delving into more in our Ant Studies this month. Brilliant mama from Happiness Is Here writes articles based primarily on perspectives and I find her pieces addictive. http://happinessishereblog.com/2016/08/we-need-to-talk-about-childism/

And in honour of Not-Back-to-School...
My Child is Falling Behind...and I Couldn't be Happier. http://happinessishereblog.com/2016/05/child-falling-behind/

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