Thursday, September 22, 2016

Leaf Wings

A "Beauty" project, as Ms.C would say.
The tutorial for these 'Wing Capes' are from 'hello, Wonderful' (brilliant blog!)
If you want to get crazy, this family attempted them with REAL leaves!!

As I was setting out our Autumn pumpkins and hanging our Leaf Garland I thought it would be a good time to make Leaf Wings!
We went for felt fabric, as it's easy to sew with and keeps well over the years. 

Ms. C was all over having a turn to use the sewing machine!
She knows how to turn it on, place the needle in the fabric and she hits the gas peddle much like her mother!
When she told Daddy about her days work, she included lots of detail regarding her new set of Wings!

Patterns & Colours

Ms. C and I worked together, setting out piles in colour groups and creating patterns. I pinned, she sewed (and snipped whenever possible!).
Ms. O wanted to be more independent. I provided the cut pieces, but she did the rest.

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