Thursday, September 8, 2016

Form Drawing: Insect Poem

When I was prepping this poem, Ms.C was fully interested in sitting beside me and creating her own Form Drawings. I literally took a page from a Waldorf Form Drawing curriculum I follow and combined it with an insect story in poetry form, 'In the Tall, Tall Grass' by Denise Fleming.

Both Ms.O & Ms.C have enjoyed Form Drawing stories in the past.
I began by reading snippets of the poem, as I wrote corresponding forms.
Afterwards, they each grabbed a piece of chalk and drew the forms as I read the poem again.

"In the tall tall grass (vertical lines)
Crunch, munch, crunch, caterpillars lunch ('C' form)
Dart, dip, hummingbirds sip (bend, sharp bounce)
Strum, drum, bee's hum (loop-the-loop's)
Pull, tug, ants lug (soft-tip waves)
Skitter, scurry, beetles hurry (circle, horizontal line)
Stop, go, fireflies glow (vertical and horizontal lines)
Stars bright, moonlight (stars)
In the tall, tall grass (vertical lines)"

Later in the day, while Ms.O was working on List Poems, Ms.C was drawing 'O''s and her first letter 'A'.
She stuck the O's together and told me she had made a caterpillar.

Then I brought out her favourite snack and asked if she wanted to place the raisins on the letter A.
She did not, but she suggested I complete the task and she eat the results!
Done deal!

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