Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wanderer's Pocket: 'Wocket' or 'Ponder'

With high hopes to create Field Bags and two eager daughters, I turned to Wander Pockets instead as they were much less ambitious! We have lovingly named them 'Ponders' (as 'Wocket' I believe, is a Dr. Suess invention).

Field Bags could contain the likes of binoculars, mini wildlife guides, magnifying glasses, camera's, notebooks etc. Lovely as they would have been, these are tiny alternatives for collecting nature specimen and writing notes and sketches. They are also a fully loaded lesson, starting with...
~collecting re-purposed fabric scraps (Hello Daddy's old jeans!)
~estimating size and shape
~sewing & embroidery
~re-purposing a giant stack of drawings into mini notebooks!
~sawing pencils into miniature versions
~field exploration

Ms O can be seen here mapping out size and construction of the pocket from a long rectangle.
They accepted my suggestion that we line the Ponders for a visual treat! So we learned to place the two fronts together, before sewing and flipping inside out.

Ms C laid out our linings to determine if we had enough jean material.

Using the sewing machine is a group effort, for now. 
One uses the pedal, another clicks the reverse button, I usually get the job of guiding the fabric. I've attempted letting them use the machine on their own, but group work has proven more successful in the early stages of sewing, so everyone can participate and learn the separate functions of the machine.

I asked that they make a design for their front flap in chalk.
Ms C decided to go free-hand when embroidering her Ponder, while Ms O decided on writing Y.O.U , which she tells me indicates who the Ponder belongs to;)
Ms O is fully proficient in threading, knotting and tying off her work! She came to me 20 minutes later with her finished work!

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