Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wander Wednesday: Forage & Still Life

"When you go out to explore nature, 
leave all expectations behind."
~Tom Brown, Field Guide to Living with Earth

With little buckets in hand, we set out for a wander, intending to find a nature treasure or two.
Before we reached the end of our street, buckets were already full and Ms.C was classifying found objects,
"nature","that not nature!" piles!

Ms. O's Nature Display

We're constantly learning about foraging (collecting & consuming wild edibles) and we also took a look at nature as art with varying shapes, textures and colours.

We decided to use some of our treasures as subjects for still life.


Chicory is edible. The roots can be dried and ground as a coffee substitute.

"Dog Vomit" Fungus

This fungus formed overnight! Daddy looked it up and it seems to match the description of Dog Vomit!

Julia Rothman is the talent behind 'Nature Anatomy'. This is considered in the Top Ten of homeschooling books for weekly reference. It's so well loved, I looked up her other titles and make a habit of collecting them.

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