Thursday, August 18, 2016

Vegan Bites: No Bull Beet & Bean Cookies

The honest reason Ms.C's bull is being featured in this post....
I burnt the batch of cookies and this was the only one that survived.

The Vibrant Table has been one of the best vegan cookbooks I have seen in a long time.
Very original recipes with accessible ingredients.

And such original idea's! Like these Thunderstorm Cookies dipped in chocolate!

Carob Animal Cookies (No Bull Beet & Bean Cookies)
~3/4c tahini
~1/3c vegan butter
~3/4c coconut sugar
~2T honey
Place in processor...
~1/2c shredded fresh beet
~1/2c cooked beans
Add buttery mixture to processor.
In a separate bowl combine...
~2c flour
~1/2c oat flour
~1/4 arrowroot starch
~1/4c carob
~1/2t salt
Add to processor.
Knead dough. Roll and cut into shapes.
Bake 350 10-12 minutes.

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