Sunday, August 7, 2016

Contraption King Part Two; Water Table

Daddy is at it again; engineering fantastic play structures for outdoor activities!
Not long after he completed the amazing Art Easel, he got to work collecting bits and recyclables from the farm to construct a water contraption.
With some old PVC pipe, scraps of wood, plastic barrels and even a spare set of tires for easy mobility, the water table is not only a loaded play center, but essentially built from 'garbage'!

Immediately, Miss O & C set out to clean Daddy's old Godzilla, who has had a recent glitter make-over!

 Bathtime for Godzilla!

I put in my two cents to split one of the several plastic barrels in half for the tub portion.
There was however a slight flaw in that plan, discovered post assembly; if the tub is too full. the sides will bend.
Over one tub are a set of funnels and tubing, while the second tub is a maze of PVC pipelines.

The table is extremely sturdy and even has a set of wheels installed!
So much fun!!

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