Wednesday, August 31, 2016

17 Weeks (4 days until 4 months)

so luscious! 
edible, in fact.

Tiny Tales: Georgamina

Mama: "What's on Georgamina's face?"
C: "Blue pencil."
M: "Who did that?"
C: "Me!"
M: "Why?"
C: "Because I like her colourful!"

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Vegan Bites: Baked Bean Burger

We loosely based these burgers on this recipe
Top ratings from Ms. O & Ms. C!

Baked Bean Burger
~1c cooked navy beans
~1 1/2-2c oats
~1/2 onion
~2 cloves garlic
~1c shredded zucchini
~3T cilantro
~4T balsamic vinegar
~2T tahini
~2t cumin
~1T chia seed
Mash beans. Shred/mince veg.
Mix all by hand (adding oats to help form patty, if necessary)
Bake at 350 degrees 20 minutes per side.

Go bunless!
Top with shredded lettuce, avocado/guacamole, onion, tomatoes etc.

Monday, August 29, 2016



            1. a piece of writing to be randomly distributed outdoors, with the intention that it will be picked up by a  stranger walking by. 
Inspirational verse not meant to be perceived as waste.

Last year we posted  "Take What You Need" posters around town Within hours of posting, strangers had already ripped off various traits. 
This year we decided to type out quotes on tiny strips of paper and hide them in little spots during a walk. "Litteraturing", so to speak!
They've all since 'magically' disappeared:)

Daily Doodle: Leaf People

Ms. O's Leaf & Shavings Fairy

Our 'Ponders' are coming in very handy and brimming with mini collections by the time we return home. We're putting our treasures to use, when we can, like this mornings 'Leaf People' prompt.

For those of us who had zero interest in creating art, business endeavors were well underway! After collecting a basket of tomatoes from the garden, Ms.C set up shop, calling out,

Better bring your money!"


Saturday, August 27, 2016


 The Seahorse

Ms.C loves 'tuckin'".
When she gets her hands on scissors, she 'tucks' paper into a million pieces.
As she's working she mumbles, "Medium, now smaller (snip). Medium, now smaller."
She also creates 'Seahorses' and has made them on more than one occasion.
Seahorses, ladders and caves.

Friday, August 26, 2016


A whistle in your words.
A new entryway for food.
Or as our Dutch friends commented, "A place to park your bike!"

She is elated about this milestone.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Math Monday: Symmetry

After collecting bits from our morning Wander, we placed them under paper and rubbed with crayon to make duplicates.
We then drew imaginary lines where the line of symmetry would be.



Ms C was busy using the scissors to make "a ladder" (she is very much into ladders and cave's) while Ms.O and I discovered symmetry with the help of a mirror.


Ms. O furthered her leaf rubbings with the addition of a hunter and a deer!

On the reverse side, she drew a "pack of deer drinking from the water with their tongues out".
She is in a watermelon phase, so that was included too!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Vegan Bites: Flax Crax

I  had so much faith in these crackers, I quadrupled the recipe.
The science made sense and the results got very high ratings.
These will definitely be a staple.

Flax Crax
~1/2c ground flax (only these have to be ground/cracked to absorb water)
~1/2c  golden flax
~1/2c sesame seeds
~1 1/2T tamari (we used Braggs Liquid Aminos)
~1c water
Combine all ingredients and allow to sit at room temp for an hour.
Spread thinly on silicon baking mat.
Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Allow to cool and crack into pieces.

We added to the recipe by tossing in a few tablespoons of chia and sprinkling with salt before baking.
The edges will curl up as the cracker hardens, giving you a clue as to when they're ready.
The first batch I made was spread too thick and the inside remained gelatinous. I cracked it up and continued baking until crunchy.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Happy to be Home

You know you're embracing motherhood when
everyone is occupied so
 you run at your first chance of the day to use the bathroom
the baby wants milk so you nurse on the toilet
your two-year old doesn't want to be left behind and calls out,
"I miss you! Where are you?"
as she drags her train into the washroom
around your ankles and underwear
your five year old walks in complaining her homemade kazoo isn't working
so she shoves it in your mouth for you to test out
as you're burping the baby
who happens to throw up on the two year old's head
and your only thought?

"thank goodness, it's not on the carpet this time:)"

I've waited my whole life for moments like these.
I wouldn't trade this for all the money in the world.

Hollie McNish. First introduced to this woman's talent from the documentary 'Milk', where she raps, 'Embarassed'
Passionate poetry and fortunately doesn't end with this piece of work. 
'Bungalows & Biscuits'

Vegan Bites: No Bull Beet & Bean Cookies

The honest reason Ms.C's bull is being featured in this post....
I burnt the batch of cookies and this was the only one that survived.

The Vibrant Table has been one of the best vegan cookbooks I have seen in a long time.
Very original recipes with accessible ingredients.

And such original idea's! Like these Thunderstorm Cookies dipped in chocolate!

Carob Animal Cookies (No Bull Beet & Bean Cookies)
~3/4c tahini
~1/3c vegan butter
~3/4c coconut sugar
~2T honey
Place in processor...
~1/2c shredded fresh beet
~1/2c cooked beans
Add buttery mixture to processor.
In a separate bowl combine...
~2c flour
~1/2c oat flour
~1/4 arrowroot starch
~1/4c carob
~1/2t salt
Add to processor.
Knead dough. Roll and cut into shapes.
Bake 350 10-12 minutes.


Tomatoes are being picked in beautiful batches.
We're reading 'First Tomato Soup' by Rosemary Wells and this beautiful seasonal poetry gift from dear friends, 'When Green Becomes Tomatoes'.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Flower Girl

Ms. O, Our Resident Florist

Wanderer's Pocket: 'Wocket' or 'Ponder'

With high hopes to create Field Bags and two eager daughters, I turned to Wander Pockets instead as they were much less ambitious! We have lovingly named them 'Ponders' (as 'Wocket' I believe, is a Dr. Suess invention).

Field Bags could contain the likes of binoculars, mini wildlife guides, magnifying glasses, camera's, notebooks etc. Lovely as they would have been, these are tiny alternatives for collecting nature specimen and writing notes and sketches. They are also a fully loaded lesson, starting with...
~collecting re-purposed fabric scraps (Hello Daddy's old jeans!)
~estimating size and shape
~sewing & embroidery
~re-purposing a giant stack of drawings into mini notebooks!
~sawing pencils into miniature versions
~field exploration

Ms O can be seen here mapping out size and construction of the pocket from a long rectangle.
They accepted my suggestion that we line the Ponders for a visual treat! So we learned to place the two fronts together, before sewing and flipping inside out.

Ms C laid out our linings to determine if we had enough jean material.

Using the sewing machine is a group effort, for now. 
One uses the pedal, another clicks the reverse button, I usually get the job of guiding the fabric. I've attempted letting them use the machine on their own, but group work has proven more successful in the early stages of sewing, so everyone can participate and learn the separate functions of the machine.

I asked that they make a design for their front flap in chalk.
Ms C decided to go free-hand when embroidering her Ponder, while Ms O decided on writing Y.O.U , which she tells me indicates who the Ponder belongs to;)
Ms O is fully proficient in threading, knotting and tying off her work! She came to me 20 minutes later with her finished work!

Wander Wednesday: Forage & Still Life

"When you go out to explore nature, 
leave all expectations behind."
~Tom Brown, Field Guide to Living with Earth

With little buckets in hand, we set out for a wander, intending to find a nature treasure or two.
Before we reached the end of our street, buckets were already full and Ms.C was classifying found objects,
"nature","that not nature!" piles!

Ms. O's Nature Display

We're constantly learning about foraging (collecting & consuming wild edibles) and we also took a look at nature as art with varying shapes, textures and colours.

We decided to use some of our treasures as subjects for still life.


Chicory is edible. The roots can be dried and ground as a coffee substitute.

"Dog Vomit" Fungus

This fungus formed overnight! Daddy looked it up and it seems to match the description of Dog Vomit!

Julia Rothman is the talent behind 'Nature Anatomy'. This is considered in the Top Ten of homeschooling books for weekly reference. It's so well loved, I looked up her other titles and make a habit of collecting them.

Vegan Bites: Celery Root & Fennel Chowder

Ironically, we didn't even use celery root and the star veggie of this chowder is the wild leeks (ramps) Grandma picked and washed.

Celery Root & Fennel Chowder
~1 fennel bulb
~2-3 leeks (whites only)
~3 large potatoes
~3 garlic cloves
~1c fresh parsley
~2t fennel seed
~2t salt
~red pepper flakes
~1/4c coconut oil
~1 celery root
~6c water
Place veg and spices in pot with coconut oil.
Saute for 15 mins.
Add water, boil and simmer until veg is tender.
Puree half and add to soup.

Vegan Bites: Hemp & Chocolate Milk (DIY Sun Chai)

Creamy Cocoa
~1T carob
~1T cacao butter
~1t coconut oil
~2-3 dates
~1/3c tahini
~1 1/2c rice milk
Process in blender until smooth and creamy.
Drink hot or cold.