Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Poetry Walk: List Poems

Swishing in the breeze
Tastes like chemicals
Very, very smooth.
~olivia, age 5 

I thoroughly enjoyed this poetry project courtesy of 'Playful Learning'

We started the lesson by talking about the five senses.
"With your {eyes, nose. ears, mouth, hands} how would you describe...{object}?" 
 I suggested two separate objects; a centipede and a flower, which O then described with her senses.
Next thing we knew, she had written her first List Poem.

C took a crack at it too!

{no more else}

We then took a Poetry Walk and collected three nature items each for writing more list poems. Of course, we couldn't skip out on reading some poems in addition to writing them! 

This was high on my Wish List when it magically appeared in my mailbox???
That's what good friends are for! How she knew it was on my Wish List is still a mystery!


Ohhh! This is such a clever read!!

There are several in this series, 'You Read to Me, I'll Read to You'.
These follow the lead of Two Voice Poems, intended for two readers and are incredibly sweet!!
I like soda.
   I like milk.
I like satin.
   I like silk.
I like puppies.
   I like kittens.
I like gloves.
   I like mittens.
I like apples.
   I like pears.
I like tigers.
   I like bears.
I like to slide.
   I like to swing.
We don't agree on anything!

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