Monday, July 4, 2016

Home Brew: Kombucha

(2 c Starter Tea for next brew+2 Litre Bottles+16oz Mason Jar=1 Gallon Jar)

Our first homemade batch of Kombucha!
O & I can drink this stuff like crazy but it does not come cheap, so we're brewing our own.
The best and simplest tutorial I came across is from Sadia at 'Pick Up Limes'  (type KOMBUCHA in search bar)

Symbiotic Culture of Bactera & Yeast

A friend gifted me my first SCOBY, but it died when some ants and fruit flies entered the 'covered' jar. Fortunately baby SCOBY are often present in our store brand, so I saved one and brewed a new batch. After a week, I bottled for a second ferment and dropped in a raisin to help with the fizz.

Great big thanks to Miss L, my local kombucha expert, for her guidance along the way.

Nourish to Flourish. Some great tips on healthy brewing

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