Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Five Senses Stones & Daily Doodle Prompt

Washing Rocks

Select smooth stones.
Set out soapy water dish.
Stand back while your kids figure out the next logical step!

Five Senses Stones were a sweet way to continue our discussions about our senses and poetry writing.

We attempted our list poems a second time by lining up the 'Senses Stones' along the margin of the paper.
Then we used the facial features as prompts for senses recall, as O developed a poem about 'Lavender.'

Drawing Prompt with Magazine Photos

We combined our poetry writing with a clever Daily Doodle prompt from The Artful Parent.
With stacks of seed catalogs, we chose a photo of our favourite flower, lopped it in half and attempted to draw the missing remains.
{If we had non-breakable mirrors, you could further this lesson with Nature Symmetry!

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