Saturday, July 30, 2016

12 Weeks: Rolly & Chatty

"Thousands of photos are taken every year and every month I have a new 'favourite', but last night I managed to shoot MR.A telling Daddy about his day.
He taught himself to roll.

Little Man-to-Man

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vegan Bites: Lemon Pie Macaroons

Vegan Bites: Citrus Beet Beauty

Beets are beautiful!
This raw salad recipe plus some additional toppings we threw in, really amp up the beauty rooty.
We used flax oil in place of olive and included the following for a salad tower.
You know, the kind that they serve at fancy restaurants; small portions for big bucks.
~lentil sprouts
~hemp seeds
~goji berries
~chives/red onion slivers
~hijiki (seaweed)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Contraption King: Art Easel

With some scrap sheets of plywood and 2x4's destined for the burn pile, Daddy put together a most awesome easel for art!

It was an instant success. Complete with a simple tray of slots to hold paint pots and giant binder clips to fasten paper in place, it serves as a massive canvas for Farm Day activities.

The Contraption King has been working heartily on two more stay tuned!!
{Hint: Water Table & Nature Scapes}

Birds of Prey

A Great Horned Owl, an Eastern Screech Owl and a Red-Tailed Hawk were featured at our local library Birds of Prey program, courtesy of Mountsberg Conservation

Red-Tailed Hawk

The center is a haven for raptors unable to survive the wild due to injury or imprinting on the incorrect species, however Mountsberg staff was quick to remind us these are not pets.

GHO & Eastern Screech Owl

Fantastic to be in such close proximity to some of my favourite creatures; owls!!
We learned:
~owls feathers camouflage amoungst tree bark and branches ('ear' tufts are not ears at all, rather feathers mocking twigs!)
~owls have one high and one low ear so they audibly follow prey
~their eyes are conical, not spheres/eyeballs like ours, which contribute to their amazing binocular sight
~owls cannot turn their heads 360 degrees (as their eyes cannot rotate), rather 270 degrees
~owls fly silently in order to surprise their prey

Camo Feathers

Owl Moon. Mountsberg staff actually suggested reading Owl Moon if you're interested in owling. Just so happens...we have that book!

Sci Fri: Form Drawing with Magnets

"Can magnets stack together?"

*Please Note: Magnet play is safest under supervision.*
Herve Tullet is the clever author of 'Let's Play!' (not to mention, 'Mix it Up' and 'Press Here')
Seemingly simple books with lines dots and/or colours coming to life with a few prompts for the reader to follow.


We used large magnets to attract (or repel) smaller magnets, learning about magnet poles.

Then we used what we learned about magnets with form lines, in the same order as lines drawn in 'Let's Play!" with two pieces of flimsy cardboard.

Chalk & Water.
Form & Story.
Form & Foam.

Vegan Bites: Tikka Masala Sauce

Daddy loves Tikka Masala, so we tried a sauce that can be used on our rice or chickpea's (and his chicken!)
If you want a rusty coloured rustic sauce, leave your tomatoes and veggies chopped chunky.
If you're like Daddy and don't like tomatoes or onion, whiz it up into a smooth sauce and no one is the wiser!

Vegan Bites: Black Bean Loaf

Black Bean Loaf by itself looks a little lonely.
But add a little guacamole to the top and you have a beautiful bean dish that tastes amazing!

Vegan Bites: Black Beans & Lime Rice

When I poured the juice of two limes in a pot of steaming basmati rice, I was a bit nervous.
As it turns out, lime and cilantro make a lovely combination mixed with warm rice.
The bean topping received big ratings too!

Vegan Bites: Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies

Friends brought a homemade batch of these cookies to the park, most of which made their way into C's mouth!
They were kind enough to share their cookies and recipe! We vegan-ized it with chia eggs.

Guelph Art in the Street

  Acrylic Easel & Spray Wash

It has been years (ten to be exact!) since we've attended 'Guelph's Art in the Street'.
Since then, we've added three children to our lives and the show conveniently included a Children's Area, on display by Melissa, the brilliant businesswoman behind 'The Childrens Art Factory'.
Thanks to dear friends for reminding us about this fantastic free festival!
Lemonade Cart
  Plywood Paint House

A perfect 5-walled playspace for painting and play!
Hair Salon

Though slightly ghoulish, the mannequin heads-on-a-stick serve as a hair wash & dye station!

Water Table

The festival lands on a Saturday so you can also take advantage of Guelph Farmers Market and City Hall's awesome wading pool!

Math Monday: Game of Nim

Always looking to make math more hands-on, we discovered the 'Game of Nim'
(and I discovered O apparently already knows the difference between even and odd numbers?!)

Five Senses Stones & Daily Doodle Prompt

Washing Rocks

Select smooth stones.
Set out soapy water dish.
Stand back while your kids figure out the next logical step!

Five Senses Stones were a sweet way to continue our discussions about our senses and poetry writing.

We attempted our list poems a second time by lining up the 'Senses Stones' along the margin of the paper.
Then we used the facial features as prompts for senses recall, as O developed a poem about 'Lavender.'

Drawing Prompt with Magazine Photos

We combined our poetry writing with a clever Daily Doodle prompt from The Artful Parent.
With stacks of seed catalogs, we chose a photo of our favourite flower, lopped it in half and attempted to draw the missing remains.
{If we had non-breakable mirrors, you could further this lesson with Nature Symmetry!

Ten Weeks (Catch-Up)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Marbling {Part Two}

Big ratings for thus fun project, kindly loaned by friends!

The process was like a little magic show; drown a small, paper circle in a pan of water and when it floats, place on it a drop of coloured ink. Layer remaining colours as desired. Swirl or blow the colours. Use a sheet of paper to collect colours on surface. Voila!

The results were stunning!!

Marbled Paper Recipe.

Poetry Walk: List Poems

Swishing in the breeze
Tastes like chemicals
Very, very smooth.
~olivia, age 5 

I thoroughly enjoyed this poetry project courtesy of 'Playful Learning'

We started the lesson by talking about the five senses.
"With your {eyes, nose. ears, mouth, hands} how would you describe...{object}?" 
 I suggested two separate objects; a centipede and a flower, which O then described with her senses.
Next thing we knew, she had written her first List Poem.

C took a crack at it too!

{no more else}

We then took a Poetry Walk and collected three nature items each for writing more list poems. Of course, we couldn't skip out on reading some poems in addition to writing them! 

This was high on my Wish List when it magically appeared in my mailbox???
That's what good friends are for! How she knew it was on my Wish List is still a mystery!


Ohhh! This is such a clever read!!

There are several in this series, 'You Read to Me, I'll Read to You'.
These follow the lead of Two Voice Poems, intended for two readers and are incredibly sweet!!
I like soda.
   I like milk.
I like satin.
   I like silk.
I like puppies.
   I like kittens.
I like gloves.
   I like mittens.
I like apples.
   I like pears.
I like tigers.
   I like bears.
I like to slide.
   I like to swing.
We don't agree on anything!

Vegan Bites: Popsicles

It's hot.
Eat popsicles!

 Which one is biggest?

(for the Chocolate-Strawberry, we used Chocolate Mousse

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Marble Paper {Part One}

MR.A received a beautiful handmade birthday card, which was an art collaboration from two dear friends. One prepared marbled paper while the other cut out MR.A's name.

We hopped on board the Marble Paper-making and attempted the project ourselves.
It's not difficult (it's not even that messy) but it definitely took us a few attempts to find the best results.
Each time we dipped paper, we had to add a few more drops of food colouring to swirl.

Now that we had beautiful paper, we cut out letters of the alphabet to spell our names.
Both little ladies presented a creative take! C decided to scramble her letters (and there is that fact that she cannot yet spell her name!) O cut out the letters herself and did a mirror image of her name!