Friday, June 24, 2016

Yes Day

"Say What?!"

"Yes Day" is beneficial in so many ways; a win-win for all parties.
Not only do I get to learn what kinds of activities are most anticipated, projects and outings I didn't consider are introduced, I'm reminded to avoid the "N" word, not to mention, instantaneous lesson plans, not written by yours truly! I don't even have to think about what to cook.

We begin by asking everyone what they would like to do today and the idea's start flowing.
C: "I want to go to a party...with dogs."
C: "I want to visit a Poop Sanctuary." (not sure what that is exactly!)
O: "I want to have mantou and a movie for breakfast."
O: "Then we can build in the backyard using power tools!"
O: "Let's have a lemonade stand and make money."
C: "I like the swings at the park."
O: " Can we do both at the same time? Have a lemonade stand at the park?"
M: "I'm pretty sure that's illegal without a permit."
O: "Can we buy candy!?"
C: "No, that's too sugary, right mom?"

There are general rules; nothing that is dangerous/illegal and no where that is too tricky to get to (for example, "Sorry, we cannot fly to Taiwan today to visit Emy.").

After trial and error, we've discovered 'Yes Day' is only enjoyable for all if we say 'yes' to everyone, parents included.

Mantou for Breakfast. Tang Yuan for lunch!

End of the day.
C: "Did we go to the Poop Sanctuary."
M: "Is that a real thing? Where is it?"
C: "Go this way, then that way, then this way."
(Mama laughing.)
C: (very serious face) "What?"

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