Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Beloved Box

After several attempts at beginning our Morning Circle Time, I realized I was the one receiving a lesson.
Yet again.
With the new boxes Daddy brought home, O & C are focused on self-made tasks and cannot even hear my words.
They are foraging supplies; flashlights, stickers, knives, pencil crayons, pillows and stuffed toys, leaving a trail to their whereabouts.
They are engineering with great ingenuity while I waste precious energy thinking that my planned project will supply them with more knowledge than their own idea's.
My prospective plans for the day go out the window, as I sit and learn yet another lesson from my bright babes; interest-led learning is paramount and the reason we are keeping them away from mainstream "education".

Boxes have morphed into strollers, beds, homes, car, elevator, jack-in-the-box, hide-outs and tunnels. A stationary box I stared at, suddenly raised up an inch and scatters across the floor!
They have been working as team or arguing about possession, labeling their names, making their mark and getting back together with a fresh deal and loads of laughter.

I take a few photos and resolve to walk away from my former frustrations and failed attempts to lure their attention.

They are happy and busy and learning all the time.

Memories comes flooding back into my mind as I watch them love the cheapest toy in town; the beloved box.

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